ARS Company History

Our company has a long history with the car rental business and with car rental software. We developed our first auto rental software package in 1992. When we launched the cloud based in 2014, our goal was to bring innovative software and pricing to a market where we saw customers "stuck" with a few options that supplied neither high value nor a focus on customer success and satisfaction. At ARS we are different. We actively solicit feedback from our customers to enhance our product and ensure we meet the current and future needs of our automotive dealerships.

When we rolled out our loaner car management platform, ARSLoaner, our first customers were the same car dealerships that started with us in 1992! That customer loyalty speaks volumes to our stability, to the quality of the software we write and to the customer service and support we provide. We would welcome the chance to add your dealership to the 100's of loyal customers currently using our loaner car software.